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What Girls Really Look Like While Playing Video Games


Kristine R

I came across this picture on facebook the other day. I lol’d. I thought it made a great point. Apparently so did a lot of other people as it had already been shared 192 times. I started reading the comments and boy was that a mistake! Not only did the majority of males not believe it was the same girl, but well… they were making some pretty asinine comments. The more I read, the more I realized how brilliant the photo was. Guys just didn’t get it.

I decided to track down the photographer and conduct a mini interview. Here’s what Kristine R. had to say about the viral image above:

TMG: Tell us a little bit about yourself.
I’m a 21 year old living in Florida. I’ve always loved video games and I work at Gamestop full time. My favorite game series is Halo.
TMG: It seems you’ve become incredibly popular lately. Can you tell us a little about how that started?
It all started one night while I was on Xbox Live, some guy asked if I was playing in my lingerie and him and his clan started saying girls don’t care about video games (and of course told me to get back to the kitchen) so I thought, “Hey, why not just show people what girl gamers REALLY look like while we play”.
TMG: What inspired you to take that photo?
Stupidity of others inspired me. And once I did take the photo, Mom could not stop laughing so I knew I had to post it.
TMG: Were you expecting the response you got?
Honestly no. I still can’t believe it. I can’t believe how many people have seen my rage face.
TMG: What were some of the most memorable (Good) comments left on your photo?
I loved how many women can relate to the picture.
TMG: What were some of the most memorable (Bad) comments left on your photo?
“Slut, Whore, Get back to the kitchen, Are you playing Cooking Mama?, I bet she doesn’t even play video games, etc.”
TMG: Do you regret posting that photo? Why or why not?
The only thing I regret is that I didn’t make the font bigger. lol.
TMG: Are there any final thoughts you’d like to leave female gamers with?
Don’t let people get you down. And don’t bash other women gamers. We have to stick together.
TMG: Are there any final thoughts you’d like to leave male gamers with?
MOST men, not all, stop bashing women and making sexest comments. You don’t get on to game to be harassed so don’t do it to women.

So ladies… What does YOUR game face look like? How do you deal with guys being ass hats in game just cause you’re a female? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • Marcia

    I like Cooking Mama 🙂

  • Jen

    Ha! I make the same faces when I play. I normally just ignore the asshats on xbl. It’s normally some little kid that’s talking shit anyway, so I mute and move on.

  • Fantastic photo and an absolutely great commentary on the ignorance of male gamers these days. I’m willing to be that most of the negative comments were made by boys who haven’t been with a girl yet… and who may never be at that rate. 😉

    Rock on girl gamers! \o/

  • As a guy I treat all gamers equally til I run them over with a car or blow them up 🙂

    • Marcia

      I bet you would also equally run over and blow up most people too…

  • Sonja

    She’s awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Keep reppin!!!