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Arena of Heroes Giveaway



Arena of Heroes is a free to play online multiplayer tactical turn-based MOBA (Multiplayer online battle arena for you Muggles). To celebrate the recent release on iPad and celebrate their Featured Placement in the App Store we are giving away 20 free Silver Founders Packs!

Arena of Heroes gives gamers three ways to play the game, offering single player VS AI, Classic Turns against Live Opponents, and also Asynchronous Turns.

  • Single Player VS AI Mode – Allows players to practice strategies against an AI before moving forward playing a live game.
  • Classic Turn Mode – Allows three minutes for players to finish their movement with continuous gameplay from start to finish.
  • Asynchronous Turns Mode – Allows each team up to 2 -5 days to finish their turn, making it possible to play multiple matches at the same time with a more casual pace.

Additional key features include:

  • Seamless cross-platform design allowing gamers to play against each other whenever and wherever they want, no matter which system they prefer
  • Real-time and asynchronous gameplay for 2-4 players
  • Continuously updated and growing pool of available heroes, each with different stats and skills to use in battle
  • Wide selection of cool premium skins that can be purchased for each hero


For more information on Arena of Heroes check out their official website. Or if it sounds like fun you can simply download the free iPad game here:

To win one of the 20 Sliver Founders Packs ($35 value), tell us who your favorite hero is in the comments section below. It can be your favorite hero to play as in a video game, a comic book hero, or someone you personally consider a hero.

The first 20 people to answer win! Contest will run until all 20 codes are given away. Make sure to check back for instructions on how to claim your prize if you win.



*20 free Silver Founders Packs were provided by the Zattikka Games Network for this contest.

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  • Michael Crowe

    i just saw this! I have been looking at that game. I had heard its kin to League of Legends but I mean its not the same im sure. Of any game my favorite hero would have to be Captain America. The guy joined the service when he was denied over and over. Then after that joins the test program to be even better. Once he does this he rushes to fight along with his military against the Nazi’s! Later as he awakes and eventually becomes president of the USA he continues to do the right thing. He never makes the easy choice but does the right thing and doesnt always do what the popular thing is. Which is why I have always loved the character because it has the same values that I actually follow in real life. That and well I mean Cap is the MAN!

    • Marcia Webb

      Also in the movie…he was kind of hunky.

  • stingo

    A turn based MOBA? Sounds like a good idea for a gamer night.

    And I know a free game someone should give another try… 🙂

    • Marcia Webb

      Neverwinter? I will give it another shot one of these days. Summer with kids and a house guest is crazy.

  • Patrick Miner

    I have high hopes for this game although the beta has been less than I imagined it would be

  • Marcia Webb

    I like that all of you have left comments, but that none of you read the article and saw where it said to say who your hero was. Still…a comment is a comment and you’re all winners lol.

  • John Henry

    One of my favorite heroes is Ash Lambert (the Vandalier) from Vandal Hearts. The unsung hero/underdog with a fire in his heart battling an oppressive regime all while suppressing the evil within himself, tapped by the cursed sword he holds.

  • Tyler W Berry

    Green Lantern is my favorite hero because he is indomitable in the face of fear. I find that inspiring.

  • Andre Stgeorge

    My favorite hero of all time would have to be Master Chief from the Halo series he just brings the bad-ass to shooter games and is has saved the world over three times like C’mon you gotta give him credit.

  • Rosco Cody

    i just started playing this game and it’s awesome!
    Carmen is my favorite hero from the game =D

    • Marcia Webb

      There you are! Sorry I missed this!! Shooting a code out to you now.