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Cards Against Humanity – PAX Prime 2013

Cards Against Humanity Fortune Cookies

Cards Against Humanity Fortune Cookies

What happens when you sneak in the exit of the Cards Against Humanity booth at PAX Prime? A random interview!

I stuck my head in their booth, hoping to catch a glimpse of the elusive Bigger Blacker Box, and maybe grab some swag. What I ended up with was an interview with Ben Hantoot, one of the eight co-creators of Cards Against Humanity. Ben was a good sport and didn’t seem to mind being kidnapped at all.

Desirai (Mommy Gamers co-host, co-owner, and Evil Genius) and I are huge fans of Cards Against Humanity. We’ve mentioned CAH in many of our podcast episodes,  Episode 22: Deep Dark Hole (12:35) and Episode 27: Sparkle Pukes, to name a few. Also, last year when I attended PAX Prime, I was covering the convention for The Married Gamers.  I experienced Cards Against Humanity for the first time and even wrote a little something about what has now become my favorite card game of all time.  You can read that article by clicking here.

Sadly, I missed out on the Bigger, Blacker Box. By the time I got around to going to purchase one, they were sold out. I plan to keep an eye on their website though, where I’ve signed up to be notified when they are available to purchase.

However, I did come back with something awesome. The exclusive Cards Against Humanity themed fortune cookies that were being handed out at PAX Prime 2013. I have FOUR of these to give away, and to win you just have to do one thing for us…harass the people at Cards Against Humanity. I’m sure they won’t mind at all.

Cards Against Humanity Cookie
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If you win one of the fortune cookies, please visit our Facebook page and share your fortune with us once you receive it. Desirai really wants to know what’s inside of these things. A fortune cookie opening video would really make her day.

*Ben Hantoon was not actually kidnapped by The Mommy Gamers, and was safely returned to his booth after finishing the interview. I think he might have actually run away…hmmm.

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  • Erik

    “Another goddamn Vampire movie.”

    • Marcia Webb

      This is fun, mostly because of Desiria’s obsession with Vampire Diaries.

      • Erik

        Just received a full set (the original and all three expansions) the other day, we’d been playing with home made cards from the downloadable file from the CAH site. Looking forward to all the new combinations.

  • JordanRodkey

    “saucy pizza nipples”

  • Dun1031

    “Mouth Herpes”

  • Amybeth Spears

    Dude, 30 is old? I think a Mommy deck is an awesome idea! I’m actually having a CAH party for my mommy group at the end of the month. It’s the 3rd or 4th we’ve had and they’re very popular.