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Little Legends – PAX Prime 2013



Little Legends: The Battle for Willow Lane is a real-time multiplayer puzzle fighter where two players take command of tiny champions in an online battle to death. My daughter Hannah and I found this game way back in the Indie Mega Booth section of PAX Prime 2013 this past weekend.

pax 2013 587Hannah played on a tablet, and I played next to her on a PC. Even though we were on different devices, we were playing on the same board. In order to defeat your opponent you need to match three of the symbols together. However, since you are playing on the same board as your opponent, it becomes a race to steal moves from each other. Once you’ve collected enough matches, epic powers are unleashed in the form of mini-games. The mini-games are incredibly fast paced and unleash an attack upon your opponent that will either damage them, or completely throw them off guard. Winning grants you embers and nuggets that can be used to unlock more champions and better gear.

Little Legends Screen Shot

Hannah won our match, and I hate to sound like a sore loser, but I think she had an unfair advantage against me. Playing on a tablet was much easier, as she could just swipe her finger across the screen to create matches. I was on the PC, and had a much bigger screen to deal with and the mouse wasn’t as easy to use as…well…a finger.

Regardless of who won, we both enjoyed playing the game. Hannah downloaded it on her PC as soon as she got back to our hotel room. She even liked the game so much that she pulled out her laptop to play during our layover on the flight home from Seattle.

Little Legends contest  We are trying to give away as much swag as possible along with our PAX Prime 2013 coverage, so here is a special Little Legends prize pack! One lucky person will win two Little Legends bottlecap pins, and a card with a mobile phone screen cleaner. The screen cleaner will stick to your mobile or phone case, pretty neat huh? Come back once a day until the contest is over to increase your chances of winning!

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Little Legends is free to play, and is currently available on Windows, OSX and Unity Web Player. Visit their site, for more information, and to download the game.



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  • Marti Rhodes Meyers

    Having a PC (non-touch), a Kindle Fire, and a Nokia Lumia 920 smartphone, I agree with the mouse vs. finger thing – you can react MUCH faster with the finger. A lot of games coming out now, thanks to the popularity of tablets, are Very finger-optimized.

  • MrsSweatheifer

    I need to check out this game!!

    • Marcia Webb

      Hey Sweatheifer, can you email me your address (or send it to me via facebook) for the Friends with Fins contest?

      • MrsSweatheifer

        Email sent via Facebook!

  • Dun1031

    I find it interesting that some developers are trying to tackle cross platform between mobile and PC. It has a lot of challenges similar to pc/console for shooters and what not. I will definitely have to check this game out and see how they handle the interface.

  • smikey1123

    This looks like a fun little game I can play with my son. Sweet.