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September 28th: Free Museum Day!

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Smithsonian Live Museum Day 2013

This Saturday, September 28th, you and a guest could get into your local museum , for free! Free is good, and I’m always thankful to find something fun to do with the kids, that won’t kill our budget.

Go to the Smithsonian Magazine’s Museum Day Live! page, then use the “Find A Museum” tab to see if there is a participating museum near you. Use the Ticket Information tab to request your emailed-to-you ticket. I also recommend calling the museum of your choice before ordering your ticket to verify their participation – just in case. You may wish to ask them if they will accept the email on your smartphone so you can go paperless!

You only get one ticket per household, and it only covers 2 people, so if you have multiple children you might want to invite a friend or grandparent to get a ticket and go with you.

Note that this covers basic admission only. It will not cover parking, special exhibits, etc.

If you participate in Free Museum Day, please visit us on our Facebook page and share pictures of you and your family having fun!

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  • Marcia Webb

    Great find Marti, and welcome to the team! I got tickets for the Cummer Museum, I’ve never been…thanks for the suggestion.