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Progressive Reviews: Club W


Has life become tedious and exhausting for you? Do you find you’re spending too much time doing mundane tasks such as cooking, laundry and going to the store to buy wine? As a busy adult I can see the benefit in having wine delivered directly to my front door. That’s why I am checking out Club W.

Club W delivers monthly shipments of wine based on your personalized recommendations. Not much of a wine connoisseur? Not a problem. Club W will walk you through a “Palate Profile”, asking you six questions regarding flavors you prefer. All you have to do after that is decide which three of the recommended wines you would like to try first. The wines aren’t the typical name brands you’ll find on a grocery store shelf either. They all come from small production wineries, which appeals to me personally because I feel like I may try things I wouldn’t have normally known about.

If you would like to check out Club W, you can use this link and get a free bottle of wine in your first order! If the link doesn’t work, just try using the promo code 682793 at checkout. Or if you want to wait and see how I like my first bottles, just check back on this blog regularly.

*This blog post is titled as a “Progressive Review.” These are a new type of post I am experimenting with. I’ll continue to update this post as I receive my wine, and maybe even do a video or three of me sampling the bottles I chose. We have a special Pinterest Board for these, and you can also stay up to date by “liking” us on Facebook.

DISCLAIMER: Club W is a service I signed up for on my own, with my own money. This is not an advertisement, and I am not getting paid to post this. I just really like wine…a lot.

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  • Marti Rhodes Meyers

    You need to have a wine party.

    Have you ever done the tour and tasting at San Sebastians? If not, we’ll have to go some Saturday when the weather turns nicer.

    • Marcia Webb

      I have not Marti, that sounds wonderful! Is this wine party suggestion just a ruse to get at my wine?

      • Marti Rhodes Meyers

        Um … no. Why would you think that? I still have Sangria, you know. I could bring it…

        OOooooo Yes, you MUST! I mean, the video they show is neat, and it’s cool looking at the equipment, but of course it’s all about the tasting. 😉 We’ll definitely have to go.