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Are Your Kids Cooler Than You? Educate Yourself And Even The Score.


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Kids and Social Networks

I have a Kik account for one reason and one reason only; To chat with my son. He’ll be thirteen this year and right now I’ve only allowed him to have an instagram account. He’s not allowed on facebook or twitter, but he uses Kik on his ipod to chat with friends. I wouldn’t have heard of Kik if it hadn’t been for him and that scared me. It’s hard to keep up with teens these days. They’re using apps like Snap Chat to socialize. They want to be where parents aren’t. Social networks keep popping up and it’s getting more and more difficult to be in the know. Enter

Introducing was developed to keep parents ahead of the tech curve. They believe they have the opportunity to help parents understand, get involved and safeguard their children in the ever-evolving tech World. iParent.TV educates parents with all the latest trends via Websites – Social Media – Apps – Devices.

The idea started with a group of dads who felt like their 9-year-olds knew more about tech than they did. They were right. But their idea will help change that forever for all parents. Once launched, iParent.TV will have 100s of videos and product reviews that are very current, cutting edge and trending, keeping parents who subscribe ahead of the tech curve.

So, how will it work? The iParent.TV website will be a subscription-based site costing $49 per year for parents to access all the videos, reviews, how-tos, and live chat support. It will be the largest site on the net helping parents understand what’s safe and what’s not in the world of tech. – However, they are offering it for only $29 if you help fund their project on Indiegogo.

Here’s what you get: Articles, videos, reviews, tips, tools and expert advice on EVERYTHING like…
– Popular Apps
– Social Network Sites
– Major Websites
– Top Devices


Visit, watch the video and let us know your favorite part about the platform in the comments below for your chance to win a 1 year subscription to

Official Rules

Each household is only eligible to win One (1) Subscription to via blog reviews and giveaways. Only one entrant per mailing address per giveaway. If you have won the same prize on another blog, you will not be eligible to win it again. Winner is subject to eligibility verification.

A winner will be selected at random by 1pm EST Sunday March 9th, 2014.

While The Mommy Gamers did receive an additional 1 year subscription to, as parents we can appreciate their service, so we agreed to write about it. You can read more about our official disclosure here. Information and prize provided by

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Graphic & Web Designer, Gamer, Technology Enthusiast, educator, Bride from the 2009 Halo themed wedding, and also mommy to a smart ass teenage boy.

  • MrsSweatheifer

    I really like that they have input from kids and game reviews. I’m not as concerned with my 18 year old son, but this would help out a lot with my four year old!

    • Marcia Webb

      Your four-year-old uses social media?

      • MrsSweatheifer

        No, that would be silly! But he does play games on apps. And I think he knows the iPad better than me sometimes.

  • Marcia Webb

    I almost don’t want to know what my teenage daughter is up to on social media sites lol.

  • Carrie Bland

    I think this service is great. This is exactly why I don’t allow my children access to ANYTHING until I’ve researched it first. They get so upset with me because they aren’t allowed to play on the same apps as some of their friends, but I just explain to them that some apps aren’t safe. It actually makes me really sad that all parents aren’t as careful with what their children are exposed to as I am.

  • Indy Pms Indecisive

    My son is 13 years old and I monitor or at least try to monitor all his social items. He uses MY Apple ID account so he can’t DL anything without ME imputing my password and then I make him sit with me for a little bit to make sure he doesn’t DL anything else. Besides that, if he does, it also puts it on my phone, so it’s a win win for me. Anyways, love you ladies! <3

  • Christey Krause-Nichols

    I am currently dealing with this with a 17 year old AND a 13 year old. Found out what Kik was the hard way….