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Help George RR Martin save the wolves, score “Game of Thrones” rewards



George RR Martin announced today that he’s launched a campaign on charity-fundraising site to raise awareness and funds for the Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary and the Food Depot. We think this is great, considering the not-so-happy fates animals (and humans) meet in his Game of Thrones books!

Everyone who donates will be entered to win the Grand Prize: a helicopter ride for two with Martin over the wolf sanctuary¬† in Sante Fe, New Mexico that includes a chance to discuss the world of Westeros with him. But there are other rewards to entice fans. For example, if you pay a measly $20,000, you can have the chance to name a character in the series, decide his or her station, and have that character meet “a grisly death.” Awesome, right?

Lower rewards are available as well, of course. $25 will get you a thank-you card, and $600 can get you¬† a Game of Thrones cookbook. A $7,500 donation (if you get it fast enough, there’s only one available) can get you a pair of tickets to the Season 5 “Game of Thrones” premiere or a hat worn by the author himself. At $15,000, you can also have breakfast with Martin. T-shirts, hand-written thank yous, an autographed map, and a script are also available.

To contribute, visit It’s for a good cause; Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary rescues and fosters wolves and wolf-dogs. The campaign closes in 60 days.

Here’s the announcement video:

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