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Mad Max The Game


Features car customization, vehicular action, and brutal melee combat


It has been months since the release of Mad Max: Fury Road and I have not heard of Mad Max the game until now… WHY THE F NOT!?!?

Mad Max is going to be an open world, salvage what you can brawler with a very high percentage of vehicular combat. Are you KIDDING ME!? SHUT UP and TAKE MY MONEY!

Mad Max - Vehicular Combat

I am a HUGE vehicular combat fan. I’ve been pining for a new Twisted Metal type game for years. Full Auto was a love for me, but it left something to be desired. Don’t even talk to me about Blur. I liked it… buuuut, Not the same.

Mad Max has RPG elements tied to your character AND your Magnum Opus (that’s your car for the uninitiated {watch the movies.}) Before I get too excited, watch the trailer:

After viewing that one, there are a list of awesome showcase videos to see behind it. I linked to a few below this post.

This game was made by Avalanche Studios, the same people behind Just Cause. They are brilliant at open world games. Basically, if you can see it, you can explore it aaaand salvage from it…. Total immersion.

The most disappointing news, is that there will be no multiplayer aspect to it. But rumor has it, there will be something called Opus Wars. I’m guessing its a leaderboard thing where you can brag about the car you’ve crafted.

Mad Max - Melee Combat

I’m extremely excited for this game. You don’t even know. The sooner I can get my hands on a copy, the more stream time it will get. I’m a variety streamer, but this won’t leave my system for a LONG while.

Pre-order Mad Max and receive The “Ripper.” The Ripper packs a powerful V8 engine and upgraded exhaust which makes it lightning fast right out of the gate. Fully loaded with custom off-road tires and a tuned suspension mean The Ripper is both highly maneuverable and can also drive through the dangerous terrain of the Wasteland. With a serious ramming grill and armored defenses, The Ripper will tear through all who get in its way. You can pre-order the game at GameStop, Amazon, BestBuy, Walmart and Target.

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