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20XX Soon To Enter Beta and Available on Steam


Inspired by the Mega Man X series


Do you like Mega Man?

Of course you do! Who doesn’t?! (Desirai doesn’t know she likes them…shh) Well, fellow fan Chris “CK” King of BatteryStaple Games loved the X series so much, he set out to make a game of his own that throws some props to it. Enter 20XX (Steam Link).

A little Backstory:

Back in 2013, Chris “CK” King set out to re-imagine a fan favorite from the Mega Man series. A Kickstarter was launched in May of 2014 and was a success with 574 awesome fans. I am sad that I was not one of them; I had not heard of this until last week. After Re-Naming the game 20XX (from Echoes of Eridu), CK joined the Fire Hose accelerator Program and is on track to fully launch later this year.

Peep this:

Pre-Alpha Trailer

Steam Gameplay Trailer


Gameplay inspired by the Mega Man X series, of course
Beautifully hand drawn 2D graphics
Prodecurally generated levels with roguelike mechanics (I’m not completely sure what this means, but it sounds awesome)
2 player co-op gaming in addition to single player (2 player Co-OP… WHATT!!)
Over 100 collectible weapons, items, and power ups

So basically, they took the cool stuff from Mega Man X and made it… better…
Mind blown

You want it now, right? I know I do. Soon as we get our streaming PC, this WILL be added to my library. Priorities, yo.

But for YOU? You can get Early access NOW on Steam for $11.99. If you wait until release (the Steam thing says 11/25/14… but I’m guessing it’ll be 11/25/15?), it’ll be $15. Why the jump? If you get it now, it’s still in Alpha phase; IT’S NOT DONE YET. So you’ll be helping them iron out the kinks, essentially.

I wanna see your thoughts on it. Comment, and let me know. If you play it, PLEASE tell me how awesome it is so I can live vicariously…

UPDATE: 20xx is leaving alpha and entering beta Tuesday September 15th, 2015.

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