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RPG Clicker NonStop Knight Available Worldwide


Infinite action RPG from Kopla Games and Flaregames

Nonstop Knight

If you enjoy Action RPG’s but feel you lack the time commitment to fully enjoy them Kopla Games and Flare Games has you covered. Introducing NonStop Knight!

NonStop Knight features a tiered leveling system, hundreds of items, and an endless slew of baddies to slay. It’s everything an experienced fan can ask for and easy enough to for newcomers to enjoy.

“As major fans of action RPGs like Diablo and World of Warcraft, we find that such immersive gameplay experiences require significant time investment, particularly when starting out,” said Mika Kuusisto, Kopla Games CEO and co-founder. “Nonstop Knight is a totally stripped-down mobile action RPG that players can instantly understand and enjoy at their own pace. The adventure is totally accessible to a casual audience, but will also resonate with experienced gamers via the deep gameplay mechanics lying behind its simplistic interface.”




Your Knight will trudge through wave after wave of enemies while you support him/her by upgrading their items with gold earned with each kill. The difficulty will raise with each floor and there are bosses every three. Each boss you kill awards you with a new item with different attributes. You can customize your Knight for your play style or focus on how awesome he/she looks. Can’t beat the boss? It’s ok. You have two choices:

  1. Ascend. This will reset your progress but enable you to purchase permanent upgrades. It’s a good thing, Don’t worry.
  2. Take a break! Your knight will continue to kill everything and farm gold for upgrading.

This game is ADDICTING. You know, “…just one more level…” kind of addicting. Expect to be saying that a lot. “Ooh! New item…. Let’s see what the next boss gives me…”

NonStop Knight is a free to play with in-app purchases. I’ll be buying the Dragon tomorrow. Yes, you can purchase a dragon companion who spits deadly fireballs (+100% damage). NonStop Knight is bound to give you nonstop Fun.

You can download NonStop Knight FREE on Android and iOS.

I’m on floor 136. Try to catch up. See you on the Leaderboards!

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