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BOOK REVIEW: Patient H.M. by Luke Dittrich


A true story on the history of brain surgery

Patient H.M. tells the story of the author’s grandfather, neurosurgeon William Beecher Scoville, who performed surgery on Henry Gustav Molaison, rendering him unable to create new memories. This book was both fascinating and emotional. Luke walks the reader through the history of lobotomies, the ethics (or lack thereof) involved in performing them, reasons for it’s use, and lastly covers the post death controversy involving Henry. Patient H.M. was a little hard to follow at times as some parts were very medically dense and the author often went on long detailed tangents. However, I appreciate the family history and scientific research involved in telling this story. While Henry Molaison plays a significant role in this book, it’s important to note that the entire book isn’t all about him. Although not without it’s flaws, I highly recommend Patient H.M. to anyone with an interest in science, history, or acquiring knowledge.

Haven’t read it yet? You can pick up Patient H.M on Amazon.

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