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  • Awkward Game Xbox One Mike Robles The Mommy Gamers

    Awkward – Xbox One Review

    If there’s one thing everyone loves, it’s party games. Almost every party we throw ends with people loading up their phones and sitting around playing…

  • City of Brass Release Date The Mommy Gamers Mike Robles

    City of Brass – Xbox One Review

    You may not have heard of Uppercut Games before, but you have definitely played their games. This independent game studio is comprised of devs that…

  • Soul Calubur VI Release Date Screenshot 1

    SOUCALIBUR VI Release Date Revealed!

    Let me start by saying: AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!! OH MY GOD IT’S HERE! Ok. Phew. It finally happened. After talking about it for MONTHS on the podcast,…

  • Devil May Cry is BACK!

    E3 is here and that means there is going to be a TON of news. Gamers everywhere are excited for news, reveals, and anything else they…

  • E3 Predictions The Mommy Gamers

    What Could Be Coming to E3?

    There will be an immense lineup, announcements, and products releasing at E3 is a great chance to see what’s coming. We’ve decided to take a…

  • May Kawaii Box Unboxing The Mommy Gamers

    May Kawaii Box Unboxing

    Kawaii Box is a fun monthly subscription box from Japan! We got our May Kawaii Box at the end of the month, so you get…

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