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Episode 11: You Down With O.P.P?

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Marcia aka PandaJax and Desirai are joined this week by Nori Fox, a mother and grandmother, Microsoft MVP, Xbox Ambassador, part of the good game network, and gaming for others charity…is there anything she doesn’t do?

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, the ladies kick off the show with a prevention tip. The new Xbox Gamerscore Rewards Program is discussed, as well as Kinect TV, Mists of Pandaria (yes again), Fable: The Journey, and Marcia brags about her new set of WOW Mega Blocks. TV & Movie chat this week includes some disappointment over the Once Upon a Time season premier and the new show Revolution, Breaking Dawn II tickets are already on sale (what’s up with that?), and Desirai took one for the team and saw the movie Pitch Perfect.

Alligator pool parties and diaper shortages kick off the news and hot topics section of the show. Health and Fitness topics include an update on Desirai’s PCOS, and Marcia’s vain attempts to lighten her Melasma marks that linger after having three children.

Finally they wrap up the show with an “awful” contest where you could win a lovely set of the “nipple” buttons in the feature picture of Episode 10 on the new Mommy Gamers website!

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