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Contest: Win Our Nipples!

No Awful Contest

Marcia is having a tough time not using the word “Awful” too many times during a typical podcast recording. Even after sticking a note on her laptop last week, she still said it multiple times. So we have decided to turn this into a contest. Go back to The Mommy Gamers Episode 10: Two Girls One Podcast and count how many times Marcia says the word “awful”. Post your guess in the comments section here. The winner will be selected on Monday October 8th and announced on *Episode 12 of the podcast. Your prize? Marcia’s coveted set of nipple buttons from PAX Prime, you can see a picture of them in all their glory on as the photo for Episode 10 of our podcast (the one you have to listen to to win) and yes, one of them is pierced….

*If we do not have enough correct guesses, the winner will be announced on Episode 13.

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