The Mommy Gamers

Episode 19: Duct Taping Toddlers

Duct Taped Toddler

Nicole Spag, Mommy, gamer, and seasoned podcaster (Ladies of Leet) joins Desirai and Marcia as they talk about Thanksgiving binge eating, failed November diets, and their thoughts on the new Wii U gaming system. Fascinating topics such as Germany banning certain interactions with certain…species, the Facebook privacy hoax (again?), and the kid from Two and a Half Men finding religion are discussed. Interesting fan questions are answered including alternate options to duct taping your toddlers to keep them out of the Christmas tree decorations. All this and more awaits you on the newest episode of The Mommy Gamers!

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Disclaimer: Just in case our joke wasn’t obvious, The Mommy Gamers want to be clear in saying we DO NOT suggest or condone duct taping your toddler to the wall, floor, chair or anything really. That’s silly. We expect you to be smarter. But just in case you’re not, we’re reminding you not to do it, under any circumstances. Parents have been arrested for this. Don’t believe us? See here and here.

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