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Devil May Cry is a Reboot Done Right

Dante DmC

The Devil May Cry series and I go way back. In fact, the first DmC game was the thing that tipped the scales and convinced me to purchase a PlayStation 2. I would spend endless hours playing and replaying that game in my dorm room as a college freshman. I also played (and hated) Devil May Cry 2. But it was the third game in the series that I fell madly in love with. Devil May Cry 3 was hard, but in that very satisfying way that forced you to improve and rewarded you appropriately when you did. I played through DmC 3 a number of times, and one of my coveted Dual Shock controllers even fell victim to my rage during one particular boss fight in hard mode. While I eventually I beat that boss, I’m fairly certain my blood pressure is permanently elevated by more than a few points as a result.

As much fun as I had with Devil May Cry 3, I felt disappointed when the fourth game in the series seemed to squander everything that DmC 3 fought to accomplish. It’s not that DmC 4 was bad, but rather that it was intensely mediocre. The combat system felt like it should for a Devil May Cry game, but I felt like the level designs were boring. Plus, halfway through the game you end up retracing your steps through the same levels all over again. Let’s not talk about that “boss rush” crap that happens towards the end. I almost lost a Xbox 360 controller to that nonsense.

dmc-devil-may-cry-screenshot-4Now comes Ninja Theory’s reboot of the series, appropriately titled “DmC Devil May Cry”. This new DmC aggressively reminds me of all the things I loved about this series. It is hard without being impossible,the combat flows beautifully making you feel in control at every second, and every combo feels satisfying. The game gives you all the tools to defeat higher difficulties, but you need to spend the time to get good at the game. The story is utterly ridiculous, just like it should be, but it makes sense in the context of the fiction that has already been created around these characters and this situation.

I’m in love with this reboot of something I hold very dear. I’m so happy with it that as soon as I completed it on the medium difficulty, I quickly started a new game to play on one of the higher unlocked difficulties. The last time I did that with a character action game was, you guessed it, DmC 3. If you love combat that’s free flowing and fun and you don’t mind a difficult game with an absurd story you need to play this game. DmC Devil May Cry is easily a “buy”. Even if you’re on the fence, this DmC is easily worth a rental and a play through (probably at a lower difficulty) if for no other reason than just to experience a reboot that feels as good as the original.

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