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Episode 34: Don’t Feed The Trolls

Photo Credit: Unknown

Photo Credit: Unknown

Elaine took the week off so that Desirai and Marcia could chat with Susan Wilson, an amazing mother of three who is helping her nine year old daughter raise money to create her very own RPG! Susan shares her experiences, both the good and the bad, and is finally able to speak out about some of the controversy surrounding this Kickstarter, and how this project has led to the creation of, a website that encourages and supports children who want to create their own indie games.

The ladies also discuss less serious matters, such as a study about which console players are better in bed, EA being voted the worst company in America for the second year in a row and what’s coming up this week with the new video game/TV show Defiance.

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We did this interview as a chance for Susan Wilson  to tell her side of the story and get to know more about her. If you are posting more of the cruel comments that are all over the internet, please think before you post. We moderate all of our comments and The Mommy Gamers is not a place where we encourage negativity of any sort. We simply wanted to offer her side of the story in her own voice.  While we respect your opinions, we prefer to keep this a positive place.  Thank you in advance for helping.

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