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Are you a Pinterest addict? If so, I need your help. In episode 39 of The Mommy Gamers podcast we discuss an article on about how “Pinterest stress” is affecting moms.  I  personally have avoided Pinterest for that exact reason. There are so many great creative and inspiring ideas that I find myself feeling overwhelmed. Who has time to do all those things, much less search through the site and pick which of the things you want to do?

And then I realized…I may not have the time, but I do have access to this amazing community of people who like to play on the internet. YOU!

So where do you come into play on all of this? I want to show that Pinterest can be easy to use, and possibly create less stress for mommies. I will allow you, our amazing community, to select Pinterest projects for us to do over the weekend. I even created a board on our Pinterest page titled “Pinterest Plan Our Weekend”

Here is what I need from you. Pins you like for:

Easy/kid friendly meals:


*Breakfast X 2

*Lunch X 2

*Dinner X 2

*Fun snacks/desserts

*Maybe a grown up drink idea…hey, why not?

Ideas for things to do at the:





And maybe a craft or two for kids ages 3, 11, 13.

I will sort through all of your suggestions and pick some of my favorites. Get me your ideas soon for this weekend so that I can get to the store and grab what I need.  Share as many ideas as you’d like, and if I don’t use your suggestion this weekend, fear not! If this weekend goes well, I will turn this into a semi-regular series. Check back here next week for a follow-up of how this experiment went. I promise to take lots of pictures!

Share your suggestions in the comments section here, or on our facebook page and then watch the progress on our Pinterest board.  Have fun, and thanks for participating!

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