The Mommy Gamers

Episode 39: Hanging With MightyMeCreative


The Mommy Gamers are joined by MightyMeCreative, aka MMC, a Kinect Game Play Dancer, Fashion Product Designer and mother to an adorable 7-month-old baby boy. With over 10 million views on her YouTube page, we decided to pick her brain about how to make a great video. Marcia and Desirai are really excited about the fall TV show lineup, but not as excited about the new trend of dressing homeless people in Abercrombie & Fitch clothing. With summer vacations coming up the ladies discuss their thoughts on the moral aspects of paying handicapped people to get you to the front of the lines at theme parks, and how “Pinterest Stress” is affecting many women.

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To see MightyMeCreative’s awesome videos please visit her website by clicking here.


Here are links for some of the fall TV shows in case you would like to check them out:

Once Upon a Time in Wonderland Trailer

Dracula – Official Trailer

Sleepy Hollow – Couldn’t find the official trailer, but you can check it out on


Articles mentioned in this podcast:

Scribblenauts Gets Superpowered with Unmasked 

Pinterest Stress Affects Nearly Half of Moms, Study Says

Rich Manhattan Moms Hire Handicapped Tour Guides

Abercrombie & Fitch Attack Video

 Attempted bank robber  pays  “wizard” $500 to make him invisible



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