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Dance Battle vs The Married Gamers



When you get off track with your fitness goals it can be hard to get motivated to get back into the swing of things. As a gamer, that competitive blood that burns in our veins can be just the motivation we need. With that said, I bring to you…bad dancing in the guise of exercise, and great friends to keep you tracking.  If you’re confused, stick with me here, there will be an explanation and a ridiculous video of me dancing.

Kelly at TheMarriedGamers issued a challenge last week in her Get Fit Friday segment. This was a challenge she and I had talked about, one I had said I was on board with…but I dropped the ball. So this past Friday she put out yet another challenge, not to be deterred by my laziness. The challenge for this week is:

Dance at least 10 songs in a row from the list. Post your top TWO scores. Make sure to do your songs at either medium or hard difficulty.

The songs:

• Ain’t 2 Proud 2 Beg (DC3)
• Da’ Butt (DC3)
• Disco Inferno (DC3)
• Everybody (Backstreet’s Back) (DC3)
• Ice Ice Baby (DC3)
• Now That We Found Love (DC3)
• The Hustle (DC3)
• Baby Got Back (Mix Mix) (DC3)
• Brick House (DC)
• Bust a Move (DC)
• Funkytown (DC)
• Jungle Boogie (DC)
• Rump Shaker (DC)
• The Humpty Dance (DC2)
• This is How We Do It (DC2)

The funny part of this is, that Desirai and her husband danced to the songs from LAST week and posted their scores. Good on them for getting some bonus exercise in!

Here is what we need from our community. Post your scores in the comments section. We know that we are much better dancers than  The Married Gamers, and we will show it with amazing scores.

Here is me, dancing:


Ok, so that’s not me. That is MightyMeCreative, the guest host on Episode 39 of The Mommy Gamers Podcast. Because I have no shame, I will show the real video of me dancing to the Humpty Dance. Feel free to outdance me and share your scores, or your videos.


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