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A Nostalgic Perspective of Superman.


superman_1978_1I grew up in a very small and isolated town, and getting movies on opening night was almost impossible when I was a little boy. The one movie that stands out is Superman The Movie. I saw it June 16th, 1979… a full 6 months after the actual release date.

It was a Saturday evening, and my mom and dad set things up where I could go see the movie with a childhood friend and her dad. As a little boy that movie was magical to me. It was the first time that most people were able to see a man fly on celluloid and actually look believable. It was one of the most memorable movies of my young life. Not only because of the movie itself but because that was the night my mother went into labor with my baby brother. But I digress….

In 2006 an attempt to bring back the red caped hero was made with mixed emotions. I wanted so bad for the movie to bring back all of the magic and wonderment that I had as a child. Unfortunately for me, it was a disappointment. Kevin Spacey was a great Lex Luthor, and Brandon Routh in my opinion did try to fill Christopher Reeve’s big red boots as the man of steel. But, the story fell short of the mark.

man-of-steel-posterNow seven years later they attempt to yet again bring back and reinvent the man who fights for Truth, Justice, and the American way. This time however they did it right. This is not to say I don’t have a few faults with the movie.  All in all I enjoyed this film.

This retake has all the magic and epic feel that I had with the very first film. This Superman is more than a cookie cutter superhero. We see how this alien from another world deals with his emerging powers, and how scary it was for a little kid to manage it.

Another aspect I enjoyed was how much Kal El / Clark Kent is loved by both sets of parents. Jor El and Lara Lor-Van sacrifice everything in order for their son to live, while Jonathan and Martha Kent do everything within their power to give Clark a normal life here on Earth.

The movie does have it’s flaws. It is slow in some places, melodrmatic at times, but these few instances does not take away from the overall experience. I will not be taking my son to see this however. No spoilers… but there are a few scenes that are very violent and I feel that my child is not ready to see that just yet (He is four). For now I think I will introduce him to my childhood version Of Superman. Even thought The Man Of Steel will be known as the new definition for this generation.


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