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10 Reasons Why You Should Be Playing Candy Crush Saga

Candy Crush Saga

I understand your hesitation. With all the Candy Crush Saga jokes getting tossed across the internet I was hesitant too. And it certainly doesn’t help that many people are now referring to it as Candy Crack. But let’s put all that aside for a moment and consider a few possibilities. Maybe this game is more than an addiction waiting to happen maybe it is a chance to become a much more generous, successful, and healthy person and even maybe one day you will become the envy of all fellow Crushers. How is this possible? Read on and discover 10 reasons why you should be playing Candy Crush Saga…

1. A use for those requests

So your phone just went off and it looks like you have just received a request from one of your 300 Facebook friends to play Candy Crush and now you have fury burning inside of you. Before you let your anger overwhelm you and inspire you to write your friend a hate message, take a breath. Before you possibly wound your friendship for life consider that maybe if you accept this request all the other ones won’t upset you. Maybe eventually you will find yourself appreciating them. Who knows maybe you might even send one of your own requests to a friend someday.

2. The newest way to get connected

Ever have someone on your Facebook that you only met once, had a great connection with and never talked to again? Well, Candy Crush is your solution. That person probably plays and a simple request for a life in a private message can open the door to a mutually beneficial relationship. You will be bffs in no time or maybe more. There may even be a Candy Crush themed wedding in your future.

3. Helps you find your purpose

Ever think to yourself “My life has no purpose”, “I have nothing to offer anyone”. Well, I am here to tell you that YOU ARE WRONG! You have so much to offer the people close to you whether it is something as simple as a Candy Crush life or something major like a much needed 3 extra moves. You can help someone beat level 128 and there is no greater purpose in life then to be there to help others.

4. Happier relationships

How great would it would it be if there was a mute button for that loud nagging that comes out of your significant other? Well shockingly there is something better. Candy Crush. Candy Crush Saga will help you block out everything you don’t want to hear or experience. Are the kids getting on your nerves? Don’t worry, just enter the Candy Crush world and everything will pass in time.

5. Something to do on the toilet

We have all had a moment when we sat on a toilet bored out of our minds and felt completely unproductive. Well, no more. Now, you have Candy Crush on your phone and this boring task has become the greatest opportunity to concentrate on being the best you can be in Candy Crush. Your friends will start to envy you and wonder where you find the time to pass level after level. Waiting at the doctor’s office? Sitting in a boring meeting? Maybe now is the time to download Candy Crush Saga.

6. The story line

You can skip it.

7. Support the underdog

If you have ever seen anyone play candy crush you can tell it is remarkably simple, yet in May 2013, the developer of this game, was ranked third for publishing company with the highest number of downloads from the app store. An incredible feat considering they only have 3 games available for download compared to mega game tycoon EA who currently has over 800 games available but was taken down a notch on the scale because of the rising popularity of the Candy Crush. I love supporting the little guy so if you like seeing the underdog taking the lead too or you just hate EA start playing candy crush and give the little guy a boost.

8. A great place for sibling rivalries

Do you find yourself constantly competing with your siblings? Who’s smarter? Who’s the most successful? Well now there is a new way to compete. Who’s going to reach level 100 first? Who’s going to get the higher score on level 62? What makes Candy Crush an even better place for sibling rivalries is the share feature. Now you can tag your sibling in a special Candy Crush Saga post that rubs your success in their face.

9. A healthy addiction

Unlike drugs or alcohol, Candy Crush is a healthy addiction. Much like keeping your body active at the gym Candy Crush is a puzzle that is actually keeping your brain active which according to The Alzheimer’s Association can greatly reduce the risk and impact of Alzheimer’s in your future. So play Candy Crush Saga! It’s good for your health.

10. A way to succeed at something

Did you fail in school? How about your career? What about your relationships? No worries just start playing Candy Crush and you will finally get a chance to feel what it’s like to succeed at something. For example today I succeeded at beating level 139 of Candy Crush which is a level I have been working on for days. What have you succeeded at today? I’m sure it was nothing as epic as level 139.

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