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Dad Illustrates Kids’ Sandwich Bags With Fun Drawings

My super crafty friend Cathe Holden once posted about how she doodled love notes on napkins and packed them with her kid’s lunches. Over the years she’s saved the napkins. It was such a brilliant idea and an easy way to remind your kids they’re loved. I wanted to do something similar for my son but he’s always preferred to buy his lunch at school.

Anyway, it looks like Cathe isn’t the only parent packing their kid’s lunches with art. Graphic designer, David LaFerriere has been drawing decorative lunch bags for his kids Evan, 15, and Kenny, 14 since May 2008. He had originally tried drawing on the bread with food coloring. Unfortunately the tough bread made it difficult and the process was too time consuming. He instead began drawing on the clear sandwich bags with colored Sharpies.

“It was just a way to have fun with the kids,” David says. “And also start my creative juices before work. I had already been making their lunches, and I experimented with a few things.”

Cat Lunchbag Drawing

In 2009, Sharpie contacted David and asked to feature his work on their blog. Since then his creative lunch bag photos have received over 600,000 views.

I’m not the best illustrator but in an effort to encourage my son to read I designed him some custom bookmarks. He asked me to make him an Autobots and Decepticon bookmarks with his name on them. Too bad he still hates reading.

What kind of creative and sentimental things do you do for your kids? Let us know in the comments below!

[Source: Flickr Blog]

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