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Five Predictions for GTA V


September seventeenth is quickly approaching and with that date comes the new game from Rockstar that will be on the lips of many gamers… Grand Theft Auto V. With the big hype surrounding this last installment of the series for this console generation, I thought I’d try to see how many predictions I could get right about the game and the media surrounding the game. So without any further ado….

gtav scuba1. Grand Theft Auto V will break day one and first week sales records. This honestly shouldn’t need to be said. Every time there is a new iteration of GTA it seems like the gaming community at large and some gaming reporters are surprised that this happens. Do we really need to feign surprise? The Rockstar PR and marketing departments know how to sell a game before launch. These departments slowly drizzle the sweet glaze of information on their delectable cake of a game, enticing people to just look at it… to see how yummy it is… Showing the public the idea of how wonderful it will be when they take that first bite into the game. That is their job and they do it well.

2. The game will receive high, (if not perfect), scores from almost all game review sites and magazines. Again this should be a no brainer. Except in a few instances, Rockstar has always redefined what gaming can and should be. (I’m looking at you State of Emergency.) This sequel will be no exception. Rockstar has consistently improved their core game mechanics, added more and more variety, and seem to go above and beyond the call when it comes to polish. I’m not saying it will be a perfect game and not have it’s share of glitches. But most reviewers will be singing praises rather than screams of dissatisfaction. I’m going say it will have a Metacritic score of 95 to 97%.

Grand-Theft-Auto-V-violence3. Controversy will ensue on non-gaming media outlets. I really wish I’m wrong on this, but history shows this is an inevitability. This game, (by early reports), has more “F” bombs than a 13 year old playing Call of Duty on a Friday night. This game will have more than it’s share of gritty violence, sexual themes, drug use, and the opportunity for a gamer to perform many atrocities to virtual human beings if they choose to do so. There are video clips of one of the characters trying to get rid of a severed leg in a toilet, another character walking out of a medicinal marijuana store putting a product in his pocket, and another shot of a character in a strip bar. I have even read reports that in GTA Online players will be able to go over to each others apartments and partake of virtual bong hits. The mainstream media will have a heyday with this game. However, will it be bad thing? Nope… any publicity is good publicity. If anything… the negative response will boost sales, and get the word out there.

To go off on a small tangent… If you see a fellow parent getting ready to buy their seven or eight year old child this game, please start some friendly dialogue with that parent to make sure they know what they are buying without sounding like your passing judgment.  Believe it or not there are still many parents that do not understand the ESRB ratings on games… and sadly these are the parents that then blame the game companies for making games geared toward an adult audience.

gta v tennis4. The online component of GTA V will change how we as a gaming community expect multiplayer components to be in future games. As I said before, Rockstar has proven in the past to push the gaming world to new heights and what we should demand out of our games. The company has shown that they care for their multiplayer fans and remain very active playing and communicating with their online community. The only difference is GTA V will be bigger. From heists to tennis, racing to parachuting, to golf and scuba diving… the possibilities are practically endless. With just the variety of things to do with GTA Online, this game will be in the top five multiplayer leaderboards for a very long time.

5. At least one reference to a sasquatch and possible video confirmation of one in this game. My last and possibly the biggest shot in the dark… but I have a feeling this will happen for the following reason.  When GTA San Andreas came out, there were a few people that kept posting about seeing a bigfoot type of creature in the wooded areas of the game. There were even some instances of video clips of said sightings, but they were debunked as clever pc mods of the game. In Red Dead Redemption’s Undead Nightmare they gave a nod to the sasquatch rumors by allowing you to hunt down the entire species if you so desired. However, I believe we have not heard the last from our dear furry friend.

So there you have it. Five educated predictions…. well maybe four educated ones and a hope for the fifth. I would like to make something very clear. Being part of this website has not given me any exclusive sneak peek to the game. These are completely my own predictions based off of my research and reasonable assumptions of human nature and the trends of Rockstar Games.

One last disclaimer:  I have never received any money, free games, or gifts from Rockstar games other than when I tweeted them long ago before I ever wrote for this site and sent them my personal address. They sent me a set stickers with their logo in several colors. They don’t know me from Adam… or George for that matter.

Anyways…  Do you have any predictions? Are you picking up this game? Let us know in the comments below.

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