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Turtle Beach Headset Trade-Up Fun


Earlier this week I posted about the Turtle Beach trade-up program at PAX Prime. Gamers who were one of the first one hundred PAX attendees to come to the Turtle Beach booth Saturday, August 31 with a pair of gaming headsets from one of their competitors got to trade them in for a brand new XP SEVEN.

I packed my old Tritton headset for the trip to Seattle and brought it to the Turtle Beach booth. My daughter Hannah and I got the chance to check out what has changed in gaming headset technology since I purchased my last headset five years ago.

pax 2013 522 We spoke with David Lowey, one of the public relations people for Turtle Beach, and he said that people were tripping over each other trying to be one of the first 100 to get to the booth. As you can see from the pile of old headsets, they had a great turn-out.

I got one of the coveted XP SEVEN headsets, and although it comes with very simple instructions on how to set them up on any of my devices, I have yet to try them out. I have however tried them on, and they are incredibly comfortable. I’m not saying I have an odd-sized head or anything, but I have tried on headsets in the past that just don’t feel right. These do, and I can’t wait to sit down this weekend and try them on everything I own.

Hannah got a smaller headset, the PX22, which can be used on pretty much any device. Here’s what Hannah has to say about her new headset:

“At PaxPrime, I received a set of PX22 headphones from the Turtle Beach booth and I love them! Once I got the headset, I instantly plugged them into my iPod and the sound was incredible! I really enjoy using the PX22 and I highly recommend Turtle Beach.”

For more information on the Turtle Beach XP SEVENs and other products, visit their website.

*My daughter and I received an XP SEVEN headset and the PX22 headset for free, however our opinions on the headsets are our own. For more details check out our disclosure page

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