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Pinning Down the Ultimate Killer Instinct

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Okay, it’s time for a couple of confessions.  Confession #1: I’m not exactly great when it comes to playing fighting games, particularly against other people.  Depending on the game, my skill usually ranks somewhere between “I might hold my own in a virtual throwdown” to “Check out my awesome impression of a punching bag.”  Of course, this leads to Confession #2: Despite my lack of skill, I still love fighting games.  The fast paced, crazy sort of beat ‘em up action that comes from the genre is like an adrenaline fueled roller coaster of excitement.

So when it was announced that, after nearly a nearly two decade absence from the video game scene, a new Killer Instinct game was coming to the Xbox One, I couldn’t wait to get in on the action.  It’s available as a free-to-play download with one character initially playable and the rest available a la carte, but that’s not quite enough for some players.  Sure, there are DLC bundles available via the Xbox Store that can unlock the initial roster all at once … but for some fans, there’s just nothing like having something you can actually put your hands on.  Enter the Killer Instinct “Pin Ultimate Edition”, an exclusive package only available for purchase through the Microsoft Store.

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This boxed edition of Killer Instinct retails for $60 and includes a code to download the game.  This code is redeemable for the Ultra Edition of Killer Instinct.  This pack includes the complete “Season One” roster for the game (six playable characters at the start and two more upcoming characters), exclusive accessories/costumes for each character, and a port of the original Killer Instinct arcade classic.  It’s the same Ultra Edition currently available to download for $40 on the Xbox Games Store.

So what do you get for that extra $20?  Well, the “Pin Ultimate Edition” also comes with two limited edition Killer Instinct collectible pins and a folio designed to store a set of sixteen total Killer Instinct pins.  The pins are designed by the folks over at Penny Arcade as a part of its “Pinny Arcade” line of collectibles.  These two pins, Jago and the Killer Instinct logo, are exclusive to the Pin Ultimate Edition and not available anywhere else.  And what about the other Killer Instinct pins just waiting to fill those fourteen empty spaces in the Pin Ultimate Edition folio?


The remaining pins are divvied up in two categories: Character pins and Engagement pins.  Character pins will be (as you can probably guess from the name) pins of the different Killer Instinct Season One roster, with a new character pin released each month.  These pins will be available for purchase at the Penny Arcade store for $14.99 (plus shipping and handling).  As for the Engagement pins … well, that’s where things get interesting.

Fans who pick up the Killer Instinct Pin Ultimate Edition can register their copy via the Community Meld in the game.  Then, starting this month, they will receive details of special monthly “Engagement” activities, which will be made up of in-game and community challenges, as well as in-person events.  Players who complete these challenges will receive a code to cover the cost of the Engagement pins, exclusive those pesky shipping and handling charges.  Players who miss out on these monthly challenges aren’t out of luck, though.  The Engagement pins will still be made available for purchase (at full price) via the Penny Arcade store.

I’m sure that for a lot of gamers out there, these collectible pins might not seem like much more than a gimmicky way to get some extra cash.  For others, though, unique little collectibles like these are fun to find and … well … to collect.  It’s an added bonus and a cool little extra reward and incentive for Killer Instinct fans to get more involved in the community.



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