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Oh, the WHOmanity! Time for Cards Against Gallifrey


Forgive the pun.

We here at The Mommy Gamers are huge fans of Cards Against Humanity, and many of us also like “Doctor Who,” so the fact that “Doctor Who”-themed cards for the game now exist and are downloadable for free is pretty much the best news I’ve gotten ever.

The irreverent and popular Cards Against Humanity is published under a Creative Commons license, which means that anyone can make their own cards for the game as long as they publish under the same Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike license, and don’t make any money from the cards. The group Conventional Improv made this version for convention-based game shows it hosted during the 50th anniversary of “Doctor Who.”

These cards are .rar files, which means you may need to download a free utility like 7zip to open them. The .png files inside, which include black cards, white cards, and backings, can be printed and incorporated into your main deck or played on its own. Download them through here. You can download the original game through (it’s hard to purchase the boxed version at the moment, but that’s available as well).

If you’re like me, this might be the perfect way to see you through the sub-zero temperatures and winter storms we’re getting in many parts of the country (although not in FLORIDA, where some Mommy Gamers who shall remain nameless complain when it gets under 60 degrees Fahrenheit – not that we’re judging 🙂 ).

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