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Espionage Cosmetics Nailed It! Claw Covers Review

Nailed It! Claw Covers — What Are They?

I saw a lot of great things at C2E2, and being a girl, some of my favorites were cosmetics-based. And in terms of femme-inspired geekery, Espionage Cosmetics stood out because of its nail wraps. I am, after all, attracted to shiny things.

Let’s first get this straight. I like makeup and nail art as much as anyone, but I am fairly clumsy at applying such things to my face and hands. I usually let experts take care of most of my beautifying. These nail wraps were the first items in a long time that even tempted me to do my nails myself. They’ve got beautiful colors, fun designs, and lots of choice for the nerdgirl extreme. And they are the first nail wraps I have ever used, so this should be interesting.

Do They Really Perform As Advertised?

The directions recommend wiping nails with rubbing alcohol before sticking them on. Just align the edges of the nail stickers with the base of the fingernail, press it on from base to tip, and use a nail file or nail trimmer to take off the extra. In theory, easy-peasy. The instructions say that you can use an opposite thumbnail to cut off the remainder as well, but that doesn’t result in a smooth-looking nail.

Espionage gives you seven different sizes of wrap to fit to your nail, and I’ve discovered my nails are quite small. I found it easiest to try and trim the sides of each sticker down with scissors before I ever put it on, then use the nail file on top (corners were hardest).

These nail stickers are fortunately quite forgiving, you can take them off and put them on again with no problem. Once I figured out my best method, I found this process to be relatively simple, and by the time I got to my thumb I had the process down. My other nails look fine as long as you don’t get too close. I’m sure I just need some practice to get it right next time.

P1130208Removing the wraps is fairly easy; they leave a bit of gummy residue but it’s not hard to get rid of. I’d say definitely follow the instructions regarding rubbing alcohol (or nail polish remover), because I didn’t, and a day after I put the things on a couple of them started coming off while I was sleeping and were stuck to themselves. I was able to fix one and just removed the other.

Several days later, my nails still look nice, although the stickers are starting to appear a bit worn at the tip. Nevertheless, they ought to last a week or two if I’m not a perfectionist. After the fact I discovered that the nail wraps last longer if you put a topcoat on once you’ve got them in place. I’ll have to try that next time.

Is There Anything Else I Need To Know?

With my small nails I do have to be careful which Claw Covers I choose, so that I don’t pick a design that will have to be trimmed off too much to be recognizable. Espionage does make sure that the designs are placed close to the nail bed rather than the nail tip so maybe most of you with bigger nails won’t have to deal with this.

I did find that if I didn’t trim the sides well enough, the nail wrap was likely to come off sooner. For all I know, this is usual of all such products and those of you who use them on a regular basis can school me with ease.

Nailed It! Claw Covers are the result of a Kickstarter campaign that I apparently missed. For the record, Espionage Cosmetics also features lines of eye shadow and lip serum that also seem yummy.

Final Thoughts

I think I love these. They’re just so beautiful and the colors are nice and bright – they even look better in real life than in the pictures. Once I master the trimming part, I may just keep some around all the time. Nailed It! Claw Covers cost about $12 each via the website. I really want the Doctor Who-inspired ones (currently out of stock as of press time) but the glittery tentacles (currently priced at $575!), the “Star Trek: The Next Generation” pips, the glittery blue and red superhero masks, and the Lego brick nail wraps are among my favorites as well.

Get your own at Here’s the how-to video I should have watched before I attempted to put them on!

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