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EA and BioWare Bring Shadow Realms Into the Light


After a week of teasing gamers with short videos of regular people with superhuman powers and the tagline “You’ve Been Chosen”, EA and BioWare are finally ready to lift the veil of secrecy over Shadow Realms, a new 4v1 online action RPG.

Shadow Realms takes classic fantasy elements and injects them into the modern world, giving up to four players the chance to fight the good fight against a malevolent force called the Shadowlords … or to give in to their darker impulses and fight against the heroes as a Shadowlord.  The Shadow Realms world will be constantly changing, as BioWare plans to release new story-driven content episodically, likening the game to “a great TV series”.

In Shadow Realms, modern day people are being “awakened” with unique magic powers that had long remained dormant.  These new heroes are recruited to fight in a war against the Shadow Legions of Embra. The Shadow Legions, who have been for years against the members of a group called the Radiant Empires.  Now, they’re gaining strength, thanks to the emergence of the Shadowlords.  With this newfound power, the Shadow Legions are looking to escape from Embra and have their sights set on Earth.

“This game brings us back to our roots in the realm of classic Pen and Paper RPG, but also delivers something that’s completely new and innovative for our fans,” said Jeff Hickman, General Manager and Vice President at BioWare Austin. “Shadow Realms is a new BioWare RPG that has the hallmarks of all BioWare games with a rich story, a unique world setting and deep combat progression, but built as an interactive experience that evolves the genre and broadens the appeal to online gamers all over the world.”

Shadow Realms is currently in development at BioWare Austin and will be available for the PC via EA’s Origin service. The game has not yet been rated the ESRB and PEGI.  Anyone interested in checking out the game can visit the Shadow Realms website to learn more and also to sign up for a chance to get into the closed alpha.

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