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Geek Chic Furniture Review


A few years back I was at a comic-con (I think it was Wizard World’s Chicago Comic-Con) when I discovered Geek Chic. If you don’t know about it yet, and you’re committed to living a geeky lifestyle in all ways, you MUST get to know this company.

Geek Chic creates custom-made furniture designed for tabletop games, comics, and video games. The pieces are gorgeous, made of wood you choose, sized to your specifications, with accessories and features chosen by you. These are high-quality wood tables and cabinets, fitted with bells and whistles that any self-respecting fanboy or fangirl will love. I got to keep mine in the divorce, and you know what – most days, I’d rather have it than my ex.

Now, this isn’t an impulse purchase. Because all tables are customized, they do cost you a pretty penny. And they take close to a year to create. Ours was ordered in August and in our hands by the following March. Geek Chic is located in California and take periodic delivery runs across the country, so it also depends when they’re coming out to your region (or at least, this was the case when I purchased my table in 2011). But its employees do a fantastic job of keeping you updated, even sending you pictures of it at different stages of development, and you’ll be the envy of every gamer you know once your piece of furniture comes in.

Here's mine with leaf open. You can see we've tucked the Skylanders checklist under the acrylic sheet, and there's the bamboo floor underneath.

Here’s mine with leaf open. You can see we’ve tucked the Skylanders checklist under the acrylic sheet, and there’s the bamboo floor underneath.

My coffee table, now several years old, has weathered beautifully into a cherry color and has been conscripted into holding my (kid’s) Skylanders collection, Xbox 360 and Xbox One controllers, Nintendo controllers, and more. It’s called a Hoplite, and features it includes are:

  • a “game vault” – basically this is the inside of the table, 4’x2′ and about 2 1/4″ deep, with a clear acrylic sheet that covers the bottom and can be pulled up using a suction cup (included) so that boards, game sheets, and more can be placed underneath the sheet and protected.
  • indexed drawers underneath, for storage. The drawer is two-directional, so you can pull it out from either side of the table.
  • four hardwood leaves to cover the top of the game surface, which can be removed easily for access to the interior. If you’re cheap, you may be able to opt for a larger top that covers the entire surface, but it’s heavy, or leaves that go lengthwise instead of widthwise.
  • mine includes spongy removable inserts with controller cutout shapes, to cushion my controllers. You can have custom inserts made for whatever you’re keeping in there. I may have to upgrade, as mine was made for the Wii and not the Wii U, and there’s no good space for my Wii U pad.
  • a rail system. The rails on the side of Geek Chic tables are designed to hold cool accessories, like a cupholder (for drinks or dice) or a tray. We opted for one cupholder with ours, although honestly we don’t use it much.
This is my table, with drawer open. My PS3 insert is empty because my ex-husband took that console in the divorce.

This is my table, with drawer open. My PS3 insert is empty because my ex-husband took the PS3 in the divorce. Bastard. 🙂

You can also customize the type of wood, length, width, and floor of the table (plain white is the default, but we upgraded to beautiful bamboo). I think we changed the height of the table slightly, but I can’t recall exactly the dimensions. I can tell you that my table is even more beautiful than the PR picture above, and it’s probably the nicest, sturdiest, prettiest piece of furniture I’ve ever owned – and would be so even without all the geeky-cool features.

Now, here’s a picture of the dining room table I would purchase if I had the room and the money, and if I was a seriously into role-playing games:


This bad boy is the Sultan gaming table. All these cute little shelves and drawers can be slid and tucked back into the table. The image shows the lid on, but as with my little coffee table there’s a (generously proportioned) gaming vault underneath. Awesome, right? I’d also be willing to purchase the Vizier, which is smaller in profile so that it can actually double as an dining table.

I recommend checking out the Geek Chic website if you covet these lovely pieces of furniture. And why wouldn’t you?

And here’s your bonus picture of the day. Cats like Geek Chic, too.


This is Elsie, our Lost Cat.

This is Elsie, our Lost Cat, doing some general investigation.

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