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Throwback Thursday: Polaroid Snap


Earlier this month, Polaroid announced the introduction of the Polaroid Snap, an instant digital camera.  This brought back a wave of nostalgia for me, as the last Polaroid picture I have is from 1999.  This newest Polaroid version is pocket-sized, which makes me wonder if I could have even fit my old Polaroid camera into a pair of parachute pants.  If you remember parachute pants and bulky old technology, then you can probably understand why I find this so amazing.

This is what my Polaroid memories look like:

When I was younger, we didn’t have all this fancy digital technology.   My Polaroid camera was the only way I had to take pictures and share them instantly.  My children will never know the joys of waving a Polaroid picture around, anxiously waiting for it to dry so you could see if the picture turned out okay or not.  There was no fancy preview screen, no zooming, no filters,  just a square window to look through for your picture preview.

The Polaroid Snap combines all the fancy new digital imaging with this Zero Ink® Printing wizardry.  Instead of waving pictures around to dry, this new technology involves things like dye crystals that are heat activated and magically transformed into brilliant, lasting images.

Unlike my old pictures, which I have kept taped inside an ancient book called a “photo album”, Polaroid Snap pictures can also be easily uploaded and saved to a computer or shared on social media.   I won’t gush over this too much…I think I already did that enough on Episode 103 of our podcast, but I would really love to play around with one of these cameras.  Apparently they will be affordably priced at $99, and may be out as soon as the end of this year.

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