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Disgruntled Decks: The Original Card Game for Veterans


Military charity Operation Supply Drop recently announced a partnership with Disgruntled Decks LLC, makers of the military-themed card game Disgruntled Decks: The Original Card Game for VeteransDisgruntled Decks is a new card game for military service members and grizzled Veterans who require offensive and inappropriate conversation to function normally. The folks at Disgruntled Decks understand that humor is on the same level as nicotine and caffeine when it comes to Veterans’ survival needs.

Disgruntled Decks is a card game designed for military service members and veterans, designed by veteran-owned business Disgruntled Decks LLC. Disgruntled Decks is satirical game blending descriptive language and military themes, enabling service members and veteran players to share their military experiences together while healing through humor in the process. OSD is partnering with Disgruntled Decks LLC to deliver copies of the game to various Military Hospitals around the world, including to those being treated by Warrior Transition Units (WTUs), facilities where service members who require personalized rehabilitative care for at least six months due to sustained injuries while deployed reside.


“Prior to Operation Supply Drop reaching out to us, we knew very well about their contributions to the veteran community,” said Joette Coble, Co-Founder of Disgruntled Decks LLC. “We immediately hit it off once we started talking, and Operation Supply Drop has been incredibly supportive of our young veteran-owned business. We’re incredibly excited to work alongside them to put our game into the hands of veterans who require much-deserved R&R.”

The rules of Disgruntled Decks are simple: the “Card Commander” reads aloud an OD green Mission Card and “Subordinate” players submit their gray Course of Action (COA) cards with possible answers. The winner is the one with the most COA cards chosen by the Card Commander. Disgruntled Decks is composed of 90 OD green Mission Cards and 310 gray COA cards, and features an instantly-recognizable military design and hilarious scenarios. For more information aboutDisgruntled Decks, please visit



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