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The Mommy Gamers on Gamers Unscripted Episode 39: Doing it in The Dark Zone



Last night I had the pleasure of guest hosting on the Gamers Unscripted Podcast. The name of the podcast is quite literal, as there were no show notes and a fun casual flow. The three main hosts, Mike Mahoney, Sean Evans and Jeremy Lyons (who guest hosted on Episode 75 of The Mommy Gamers) were friendly, entertaining, and clearly very skilled at podcasting. There was a second guest host, Rob Goddard who recently launched a new podcast, The Married Geeks with his wife. I had an absolute blast recording with this crew, even though they spent entirely too much time discussing The Division and “The Dark Zone”, but it’s defintely a show I would suggest you give a chance. I’ve added Episode 39: Doing it in The Dark Zone to this post so that you may listen. Enjoy!



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