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For the past year we have been doing a live Twitch stream as we record our weekly podcast episodes.  We then take those videos and pop them onto our YouTube channel so that those of you who might have missed the live stream can still watch along as we record.  Unfortunately the video from Episode 118 was irretrievably broken.  It was a great episode with special guest Patrick Scott Patterson, and definitely one we weren’t happy to lose.  So in an effort to still have some sort of video up for you all to watch, I did what any rational person would do…I made sock puppets and recreated the video.



SockPuppetsThis whole thing took a ridiculous amount of time to create, but ended up being a fun project that I could get the kids involved in.  I also now have sock puppets of Carrie and Desirai that I can use for potential future sock puppet things. Muahahaaa! So if you happened to like the random puppet show, feel free to leave some comments below.  I’m happy to pass along any sock puppet making tips that I learned along the way.

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