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The Mommy Gamers The Final Station Video Review

The Final Station captures what it might feel like to be an actual person who wakes up in the midst of post-apocalyptic chaos. The whole style of the game is meant to make you feel like you’re not sure what’s happening. It starts out with a normal looking neighborhood and a relatively normal looking train station and town, but as you travel further each station gradually gets more gruesome and seemingly hopeless. The story unravels as you go, and the survivors you rescue help piece the story together. Get the survivors safely to their station and you learn more about what’s happening and get valuable rewards. However, saving people isn’t as easy as finding them and getting them on your train. You have to decide if you will sacrifice the very sparse and valuable resources you gather to feed and heal the survivors, or yourself. Sometimes there simply aren’t enough resources to save everyone and you are faced with the tough decision of who to save and who to let die so you can loot their corpse for those $3 pants.

 Here’s the first thirty minutes of The Final Station gameplay

The narrative style of the game is great for people who enjoy opening every door to search for clues. There are amusing bits intermingled into the story, such as a note on a wall that says “give me my spoon back everyone at the hostel knows you’re stealing them” Inside the room you recover a spoon from a dead body. The fun parts break up the survival horror feel of the game, because instead of a dead body to loot there may have been a horde of infected waiting to attack.

You can get through tougher stages through trial and error, but there’s no real penalty for failing. Players simply spawn at the last check point and get to try again, which makes the gameplay significantly less challenging. You’re not really surviving, you’re just kind of hacking your way through it. There’s still a decent challenge with the sparsity of resources, especially ammo. Environmental objects such as toilets or boxes can take out an enemy with a single toss. Melee attacks if properly executed are also very effective and aiming is really important when shooting as every bullet counts. A well placed head shot takes less bullets, but if you’ve encountered a horde of infected it gets a little chaotic and the controls can be a hindrance.

While the game is fun the ride is rather short, with gameplay only taking between four to six hours depending largely on how much you’re into opening every door to find clues. The developers assure us that playing through the story a second time provides more details. But after one play through I had no desire to go back and play again.

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