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The Mommy Gamers Podcast Episode 163: Number 2 Fancy Poo

The Mommy Gamers Podcast Episode 163 Number 2 Fancy Poo Graphic designer and yarn enthusiast, Ashley Gorecki from A Hare Affair joins Desirai and Marcia this week for Episode 163 of The Mommy Gamers Podcast which has lovingly been titled Number 2 Fancy Poo. We’re just going to let you listen and figure out how poop ended up in yet another podcast episode. The ladies also discuss how the University of Utah is the first to offer a video game scholarship. Listener questions include what movie they’d like to see made into a game, and which media genre crossover works better: games into movies or movies into games?

An important conversation about the ladies preference for short or long hair on Thor in the Thor Ragnarok Teaser Trailer has all three hosts agreeing for once. Episode 163 gaming chat covers Yooka-Laylee, the Nintendo Mii Plaza update, animals chewing on 3DS charger cords, and so much more! If you’ve been missing Carrie the past few weeks, fear not…she will be back soon! She is currently snuggling up with her new baby girl and getting adjusted to all the fun that comes along with a new born baby. Feel free to leave some comments below letting her know how much you miss her!

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