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Last Day of June Full Game Play

Last Day of June Game Walkthrough Full Video


Last Day of June is a vastly different gaming experience than any other I have encountered in a long time. This interactive tale guides players through a beautiful yet bittersweet journey in this emotional story revolving around friendship, love, and loss. June’s last day is revisited time and time again through puzzles and characters that alter June’s fate. If you would like to watch the whole game from start to finish I uploaded my Twitch stream of me playing through the game. This WILL spoil the game for you, so if you would like to try it on your own first skip the video.


Games that make me feel my feelings aren’t usually my first choice, but Last Day of June really drew me in and I enjoyed the entire experience. We talked about it a bit on Episode 171 of our podcast which you can listen to here. Last Day of June is available now on both Steam and PS4. If you decide to pick up the game and need a little help through this beautiful story feel free to use my videos as a guide.

*I received my copy of Last Day of June free for review purposes. My thoughts and views of the game are completely my own.


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