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The Mommy Gamers Podcast Episode 172: All the Butts, All the Plugs

The Mommy Gamers Podcast Episode 172 All the Butts, All the Plugs


In Episode 172 of The Mommy Gamers Podcast we do talk a little bit about butts again, and plugs. But not that kind of plug. More of the promote your friends kind of plugs. This week Carrie and Marcia are joined by Mike Robles. In addition to being a Dad and a gamer, Mike writes video game reviews for Marooners’ Rock…and sometimes for The Mommy Gamers.

Mike’s previous work as a community manager for some pretty big games gave he and Carrie a lot to talk about. Everyone talks a lot about the Ghost Recon Ghost War PVP Open Beta, Destiny 2, the Fortnite Battle Royale drama and much more. Butts and plugs aside, this episode is definitely high on our NSFW rating, and thanks to some American Vandal TV show talk, totally not good for the kids to listen to. You’ve been warned. Enjoy!


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