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Bridge Constructor Portal – Xbox One Review

This Mash-Up Was A Triumph

I’m making a note here: HUGE SUCCESS.

It’s hard to overstate my satisfaction.


Aperture Science,

Has teamed with ClockStone

Software, it’s true.

For the good of all us.

except the ones who hate games.


But there’s no use trying

to make sense of it all.

You just keep on playing

and you might have a ball.

It is such a fun game

you really can’t complain,

but there is a good chance

you will fail.


I’m not even angry.

I’m being so, sincere right now.

Even though this game is hard

and beat me.


And made me rage quit.

And made me curse all that is good.

As I seethed I hurt because

I was enjoying this game.


Now this game is a great one

don’t think I’m making that up.

I think you’ll be having fun

while wanting to give up.

So I’m GLaD I got mad

think of all the fun I had

with this game that is

super hard.


Go head and try it…

I think you’d prefer to play inside…

Maybe you’ll find someone who will help you?

Maybe Headup Games?

That was a joke, they are, busy.


Anyway this concept is great.

It’s so perfectly fits.


Look at you: still reading

while there’s bridges to construct.

Place them right in place

or you’re sure to be… stuck.


This is a game you should buy

or at least give a try

because this game is

incredibly fun.

And the controls are

really well done.

And the concept is

real gosh darn fun.

And hearing GLaDOS is

incredibly fun(ny).

What I’m saying is this game is

incredibly fun.

Incredibly fun.

Incredibly fun.

Still Alive written by Jonathon Coulton. Bridge Constructor Portal parody written by Mike Robles. The reviewer was compensated with a retail code for this game for review purposes.

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