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World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth Review

World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth is the seventh expansion in the Blizzard franchise. With the Horde and Alliance at one another fighting for the Azerite supplies, it also means that this expansion is PvP based. War Mode is just the beginning when it comes to taking down enemies, leveling, and taking the Azerite for yourself.  


The Horde and the Alliance are after a powerful substance, Azerite. This substance has also pulled both factions into Kul Tiras and Zandalar to recruit new alliances to take down their opponents. Warchief Sylvanas Windrunner is wanting to take all the Azerite and monopolize for herself. The Alliance really is not having this scenario and is thinking the worst. Sylvanas has torched Darnassus, a Night Elf capital city. 

The Alliance has also made a strong retaliation and taken down the Undercity, near Brill and have much success sending the Horde fleeing elsewhere. As the two factions move into new territory, they plan, recruit and make headway on the tides of war. If you’re interested in some of the pre-patch content, you can also check out the tensions between both sides here!


What’s new with the gameplay in Azeroth? We’ve had a considerable and sizeable stat squish going into the new expansion. After Legion, critical strike numbers and the amount of damage a player could do was well into the millions if played right. For comparison, any gear that was about level 915 as the last raid came to an end, is now 230.

Buffs are back! Arcane Brilliance for Mages, Fortitude for Priests.

Leveling has a new scaling system across all continents and expansions in World of Warcraft. Even though this took effect a while back, it allows players to finish storylines in their favorite places on the map. There is also no restriction as far as where you could go. Unless you’re a level 45 Night Elf Rogue trying to get into level 67 content, it just won’t work.

Starting a brand-new Night Elf Rogue, for example, can go to either Kalimdor or Eastern Kingdoms to find a quest of their choosing. So that Night Elf can head into Westfall near Stormwind at level 45 instead of level 10.  To aid in the scaling system, there are call boards in just about every city for players to access if they wish to move locations.

Talents have been slightly altered and are reset if you’re logging into Battle for Azeroth for the first time.

As you level, players must establish a foothold in other areas that will help gain access to the other side. These footholds are part of the War Campaign. Respectably, you play these at 110, 112, 114, etc. 

The Heart of Azeroth is a neckpiece that players gain at the beginning of the story. The necklace gains power as you collect Azerite. Use the power to level and forge your helm, shoulders and chest piece. The necklace is constantly upgraded.

Warfronts will be 20 player PvE content. Warfronts will be a battleground-esque event but focus more on base building, capture and control the surrounding area.

There is a series of new dungeons, and there are some that are alliance/horde specific. King’s Rest, Underrot, Temple of Sethraliss, The Motherlode, and Waycrest Manor are just a couple of these new dungeons. Uldir will be the first raid that is set to launch September 8th.

Island expeditions are three player scenarios. These three-player expeditions will move players to various islands and gather resources, taking down any NPCs that get in the way.

For the Pathfinder achievement this expansion, you will need to level both a horde and an alliance character. Those who only play one faction or the other could find this frustrating news. 

The graphics in this game are incredible. Those who have a better graphics card can truly appreciate the beauty and the time that went into this expansion. Moving up over a hill or coming around a corner and seeing the immense beauty has been an enjoyable experience.


World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth is incredible. Playing from 110 to 120 has been an adventure from start to finish. Or is there an endpoint? Knowing that there is more content once I have hit 120 is even more fun. I’ve quested through one area thoroughly and have barely scratched the surface in the second area. I also have an untouched area awaiting adventures. No matter when I am traveling in this expansion, I am blown away at how beautifully crafted Battle for Azeroth is. 

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