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Destiny 2 Forsaken Avenges Cayde’s Death

To the Tangled Shore We Go

Destiny 2 Forsaken has been a breath of fresh air upon its launch earlier in September. Cayde-6 is known to be a smart alec, slightly cocky in his ways, but hilarious when he makes his snide comments. Sadly, his life was cut short, and us hunters have been avenging his death.

Most storylines will take you on a series of adventures, twists, and turns. This storyline had us track and hunt down the six right-handed men known as the Barons. Depending on the challenge, these Barons are for a specific gear level and roam all over The Tangled Shore. So, the question is, who do you want to take down first? The sniper who took Cayde’s ghost? The Hangman?

Each boss is different in their individual way. Depending on if you’re traveling lone ranger style, or with a mob, take down the Barons however you like. Do you want a challenge? Or no challenge whatsoever? That is also putting into consideration the lack of gear, or how well geared one (or the mob) is.

The best part of Destiny 2 Forsaken is that the weapon system was overhauled and is now less of a burden for players. If a player wants a shotgun in every slot, that is an option. If players wish to more playability with various weapons, that is also an option as well. My standard setup was a bow or assault rifle, a sidearm or pistol, and a sniper or rocket launcher on standby for whatever situation I had in front of me. But that’s one take on the system.

Destiny 2 Forsaken feels faster paced than other games before it, which is nice, but also allows players their choices. But that’s not to say there are a couple of things that have been lacking. Between the Barons and Prince Uldren’s motives, we still feel like there is something missing. The sister or girlfriend that lingered, who was she and how was she relevant to the story?  The bulk of the storyline was chasing these Barons and not getting answers, so we hope that the coming expansions will provide more detail.

The end game takes us to the Dreaming City. It’s a vast area that has nooks and crannies in every area possible. While there are still mysteries to be solved in this universe, we wait for the next adventures. In Dreaming City, foes feel like they are unachievable; grinding and gearing helps and before players know, they feel like they are on top of the world. Players also don’t need to feel like they need to grind Crucible match after match to get decent gear.

There are daily and weekly resets. Collections and Triumphs complement the revised power system. Collections is like finding gear and hunting for it. It details where to get it and what is missing from your set. Triumphs show what you have accomplished from storyline missions in each expansion to multiple kills, to orbs, and so on.

Listening to your hunter/warlock/titan talk for the first time in two years is gold!

The graphics in this game are incredible. From start to finish, this game makes you feel like you’re the hunter taking down Prince Uldren. I will also add that the cut scenes in this game are pure fire!

Overall, I enjoyed this adventure and while I haven’t been able to play much after finishing the campaign side of things. I dream about what I will be doing when I can finally log in and enjoy the gearing process. After all, this expansion has allowed players to do other things besides play Crucible matches until their head hurts. Now if we could have some sort of “looking for group” when it comes to the raids and other activities that require more than one person. I think it would be perfect.

Brie’s score: 9/10

The Tangled Shore

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