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Come Hell or High Water, Shadow of the Tomb Raider Nails It

Shadow of the Tomb Raider, created by Crystal Dynamics and Eidos Montreal, published by Square Enix Co., Ltd., Shadow of the Tomb Raider launched on September 14th on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. The third in the rebooted series details Lara as she teeters between reality and mythology. This time around, Lara is after Trinity, an influential group who wants all the power. The power coming from a knife known as Key to Chak Chel, and a mysterious Silver Box.

Starting off in Mexico, Jonah and Lara are searching for the one person who thinks will lead her to the destination, Dr. Dominguez.  Disguising under a mask, she moves through people during a Day of the Dead celebration. She maneuvers through the side streets, tracking her target.

The knife begins the Mayan apocalypse, starting earthquakes, storms, and volcanic eruptions. Lara has caused this by taking the knife out of the rest where it sat for years. Because of Lara taking the Key to Chak Chal, it ends up in the wrong hands. At least there is still a mysterious Silver Box that they need to find. It’s a matter of time to regroup and set out to see it before Trinity does.

Amongst a few trials and tribulations, Lara and Jonah learn that their trip won’t lead them to Brazil after all. In fact, it will take them to Peru for their mountain. Thanks Mayan calendar!

The graphics are incredible. I played on high settings for the majority of the playthrough to see what it would really look like. The lighting was an issue for a portion of my playthrough. It was also an issue for a friend and suggested I turn off volumetric lighting. It was as simple as going under settings and graphics to turn volumetric lighting off. As soon as it was turned off, my facial animations and lighting were completely fine.

Graphics rendered beautifully. I loved traveling through the Amazon Forest and getting to the Eye of the Serpent. So gorgeous!

Perk: If you’re on PC, unknown for other consoles, you can slip into something more fitting or comfortable with outfit changes while at a campfire.

I did have one issue with one mission, going into Unuratu’s cell. I struggled so much that getting to the NPC was pointless. By the time I had gotten there, even after many takes, she had disappeared. To get the mission accomplished, I had to go back to the most previous save. Doing so was beyond frustrating and wasted a good hour and a half on this mission.

Overall, Shadow of the Tomb Raider was incredible from start to finish. I loved the adventure, the story, and the graphics. Yes, there were a couple minor things I’d change, but it’s a game at launch and those things could be easily fixed. I do believe that changing the volumetric settings made everything run smoother, but that could be two people out of everyone else.

Brie’s score: 9/10

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