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Donut County Review

Donut County Review The Mommy Gamers

Order a donut, get a hole in the ground that sucks up your life instead. Donut County is a game with a racoon controlled donut shop that delivers ground holes hot and fresh to anywhere in the town.

Donut County is a simple concept executed exceptionally well. You play a character named BK controlling a hole in the ground via his super cool phone app. You increase the size of the hole by swallowing up objects until you have consumed everything in the play area. There is a Katamari vibe to the whole thing and it grabs ahold of the player instantly.

The hole is intuitively controlled with an analog stick (with a controller) or touch control (on iOS) so pretty much anyone can pick this game up and just go without having to figure out a complicated control set. It’s the perfect kind of game to kick back with after a particularly stressful day.

Donut County goes from being a delightful experience to a truly joyous one when you figure in the soundtrack and the writing. The music is so well suited to the pace of hole control and it even serves as perfect background music for almost any task. The full soundtrack is up on streaming services like Spotify right now so if you have a subscription you can feel the vibe before you buy the game.

The writing is one step above even the nearly flawless soundtrack. It captures a truly authentic tone especially in the texting interactions between characters. I laughed out loud multiple times through the course of the game. To add to the great character writing Donut County includes a Trashpedia which describes each item swallowed into the hole as a racoon would see it. I read every single entry in the Trashpedia which is something I never do in games, even short ones.

Donut County is one of those rare games that is just so fun and wonderful that you can’t help but smile while you play it. Well written characters, a stupendous soundtrack, and well executed gameplay come together into a quick little game sure to bring most players joy.

Snag it on Steam and PS4 for $12.99 or on iOS for $4.99 (including a set of sweet stickers). I played it on iOS and it was perfect for zoning out during my train commute. Plus I can send my friends an obnoxious sticker of a racoon butt as a bonus. Probably my favorite game pack in of the whole year.

Buy Donut County, deliver ground holes, read the Trashpedia, smile forever.

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