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Summer in Mara on Kickstarter

Summer in Mara is on Kickstarter and created by Chibig Studio the makers of Tiny Planet, Ankora, and Deiland. The campaign ends March 7, 2019 and already fully funded. The game releases on the Switch, PC, Playstation 4, Windows, and Mac OS September 2019. Also there is a stretch goal for release on XBox One. Chibig drew inspiration from games like The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker, Studio Ghibli, and Stardew Valley.

GIF of Koa running, farming, and sailing in the game Summer in Mara

You play as a girl named Koa in this single player RPG that you can play at your own pace. Summer in Mara is a tropical ocean where you take care of your island, farm, craft, explore, gather resources, and meet new characters. There’s a boat you can use to explore the archipelagos and upgrade. You can fish, swim, and dive in the ocean too!

So far there are over 150 quests, 20 characters to befriend, and 130 inventory items. Also there will be unlock-able skills and abilities. The known species and groups right now are the Qüido, Qü Navy, Pirates, Humans, and the Elit. In addition there will be day cycles and weather events. For example, there is a Storm Belt you’ll need to be careful of!

image from Summer in Mara of Koa standing on the beach holding a shell
Koa taking care of the farm in Summer in Mara

This is a game to keep an eye on, and I can see being a huge hit. The concept art is gorgeous! If you’re a fan of the art, like myself, there are pledge tiers available that include an art book and wallpaper pack. In short, check out their Kickstarter if you like Stardew Valley and exploring games.

Image of concept art from Summer in Mara of mythical creatures found on islands
mythical creatures found on other islands

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