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Developed and published by SeithCG, with a veteran from Dreamworks and Universal Pictures animator, Lionel Gallat, being the main designer. Ghost of a Tale was funded on Indiegogo in May 2013, and is out on PC. SeithCG recently announced the release dates for PS4 and Xbox will be March 12 for $24.99 US. With improved textures and a higher resolution for consoles.

Ghost of a Tale is a single player action roleplaying game where cunning and stealth are the most important aspects. The main character of Ghost of a Tale is a mouse minstrel, Tilo. The game takes place in a medieval fantasy world hundreds of years after a cataclysmic event. While there are no fighting mechanics, you do have the option to knock some characters out (glass bottles are valuable).

The minstrel will have to solve puzzles, sneak around, and find disguises to progress the story line. Tilo makes some unusual allies and meet characters like rat guards and frog pirates.

A frog pirate locked up in a jail cell.

The game graphics are beautiful, and utilize dialogue boxes instead of voice acting. Gallat’s influences from Legend of Zelda, Dark Souls, The Dark Crystal, Red Wall, and The Secret of NIMH are throughout the game (and reminded me of my PS2 days).

I am not a fan Ghost of a Tale’s game mechanics, but the story and the depth of the characters kept me coming back. The world is a bit small, but there are so many things to explore and quests to do. If you hate a game that “holds your hand” you do not have to worry about that here. I found myself having to look things up to figure out what to do next.

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