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Treasure Stack

What you get when you mash Tetris with a platformer

Two players fight in Treasure Stack

Treasure Stack, a new game by Pixelakes, mixes falling block puzzle mechanics with platformer elements to make a new style game. You control a character and move them around the blocks, instead of controlling the falling blocks directly. Catch the blocks and stack them to create matches. There are multiple modes and the game is available on Steam (PC), XBOX, and Nintendo Switch.


Test your skills in Challenge mode, compete with friends in local versus, or jump online to battle up to three other people at once. You use the directional buttons with z and x on a keyboard to play (I’m guessing on consoles/with a controller you use the dpad/stick and two buttons). Playing is definitely not natural for me! I was riding the struggle bus for my first half dozen games at least. With practice it got easier and I was able to actually play instead of just fumble around like an idiot.

treasure stack single player challenge mode

Keys drop to unlock stacks of chests of the same color. Those black blocks drop every time the left bar fills up. You remove them with items or by opening chests next to them. They can be a massive pain and surprise you at the worst times if you’re too focused on the game-play area. I might have died several times from this…

Divine Verdict

I love the art of this and the game style. While I haven’t gotten to play multiplayer too much, it definitely adds another layer of urgency and competition. I imagine this being a super competitive little game between some friends. I’d be the one shouting and flailing about wildly. But it’d still be enjoyable. Definitely recommend if this is a kind of game you think you’d like.

Grab your copy of Treasure Stack now over on Steam for $19.99, on Xbox, or Nintendo Switch!

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