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Two Point Hospital: Free Play Weekend & New Content!

The Mommy Gamers Two Point Hospital Free Weekend

Get your scrubs and surgical gloves at the ready, as Two Point Hospital is hosting its Open Surgery Free Weekend on Steam. You’ll have until 10 am PDT on March 18th to play and get addicted to the game like I have. Just kidding…I can quit playing anytime. (I really can’t, this is a cry for help)

If you like quirky, original business simulator games you’re going to love Two Point Hospital.

In Two Point Hospital, reaching the title of best healthcare provider is not an easy affair as each hospital brings its own array of challenges. Players will have to build their hospitals, cure all sorts of unusual illnesses from Jest Infection to Cubism, and improve their services via staff training, research and upgrades.

Check out all the cool details about the Two Point Hospital Free Weekend in their fancy new trailer:

You’re in for a weird, wild, and amazing ride with Two Point Hospital.

To celebrate this free to play weekend, Two Point Studios are teaming up with SEGA studios Amplitude, Sports Interactive and Creative Assembly to bring exciting new items to the game. If new things aren’t exciting enough news, a host of SEGA games will also be on sale during this time. Visit the official SEGA Steam Sale page for up to 90% off a bunch of awesome games.

If you decide I’m right and Two Point Hospital is amazing (I’m right, you’ll love it, you don’t need a second opinion) you can pick it up for 33% off by purchasing the game during the free to play weekend. I’ve also got a YouTube video up showcasing some of my game play if you’d like to check it out here.

Pre-order Pebberley Island now for 10 % off here

But Wait There’s More!!

Shortly before the free weekend finishes, Two Point Hospital’s second DLC, Pebberley Island will launch on Steam. You can pre-order it now at a discount on Humble Bundle. Pebberley Island adds three more hospitals, different gameplay modes and more unusual illnesses. There are also tropical themed items and rumors of a mythical spring of immortality. If you’ve played Two Point Hospital for any length of time you’ll know that your accident prone friends could use this.

Fancy a Golden Bathroom Suite?

Once you’ve accepted your addiction to Two Points Hospital, sing up for their free Hospital Pass at The legendary Golden Toilet in-game signup bonus has just been upgraded to a full Golden Bathroom Suite, adding the Golden Sink and Golden Hand-dryer so you can make your hospitals extra fancy.

Two Point Hospital is available on Steam and from SEGA approved digital retailers like Humble Bundle.

*This post contains affiliate links.
**Marcia is not really addicted to Two Points Hospital, but she spend a ridiculous amount of time playing.

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