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Snatching David Tennant’s Coffee and Other C2E2 Shenanigans: A Photo Essay

I’ve been going to C2E2, the Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo for years, but in a very casual way. This year, I decided to switch it up a bit. Instead of hitting the floor to find stories for a few hours on Friday and then taking my kid so he can shop on Sunday, I went the whole time, from the floor’s open to close, and I helped staff the Extra Life Chicago Guild table when I wasn’t working. I also took selfies, which I never do. So it was a much more exhausting experience than ever before – but more fun, more social, and more For The Kids (#ftk).

So here are some of my favorite moments from the weekend, with some of the cool people I spent it with. And the cool things I saw.

First and foremost, our Extra Life mascots. Conor is a member of one of our Chicago Guild families, and he hung out a bit with us on Saturday (and Sunday) in a classic Voltron cosplay his aunt made.

Here’s Jasmine, Conor’s adorable sister, who also spent a bit of time at the booth in her costume. She’s standing inside our booth.

And here is the Extra Life Chicago Guild crew. Our staff on Saturday and Sunday was pretty much made up of the same people. From left to right, that’s me, Jon, Lindsay, Jen (the Klingon Pop Warrior), and Sarah Elzer, our fearless leader and “mom” for the weekend. She set up the table, brought food for us, and organized it all. Her mother was with us on Friday. Sarah’s mom made the cool Dum Dum tree in the lower right corner there. You can also see in this picture my plush llama, Frank, on the table next to Jayne the hippo that Sarah crocheted.

Also joining us on Friday was Marissa.

So that was basically all of us, except Sarah’s mom, who walked too much on Friday and didn’t return. Thanks for all the food, Sarah’s mom! Also, a big thank you to Shadow Squirrel Games, who gifted us a game and some other cool items for our door prize drawing!

Here is an unboxing video I did for Jen on Sunday, when she went and bought a Mystery Box:

Equilibrium USG was there with its amazing modular backpacks. You can buy skins to personalize the bags, which snap on and off the front (I own a Totoro one and a TARDIS one). These con-only exclusives from an artist who was signing his work at the booth. They cost $50, but that’s partly because they are actually bags in themselves!

If only I had, like, an extra $20,000 or so (and a living room), I’d totally splurge on one these great Prophecy gaming tables from Wyrmwood. They come in your choice of wood, and they’re perfect for gaming. There’s a lift mechanism, spill-resistant topper and gorgeous fabric options. You can even attach accessories magnetically. And the special chairs, sold separately, have storage inside!

I have a couple of rings from CritSuccess. I don’t play role-playing games, but these rings are cool and have a lifetime guarantee in that you can always trade them for a size or color that you like better. I meant to bring mine back to trade it for a rainbow one but I forgot.

SuperEmoFriends shows off adorable little cartoon versions of favorite characters saying suitable emo things. My new print has two stormtroopers looking sad and saying, “Those were the droids we were looking for.”

Heck, I don’t even remember which booth this is but these are $40 Pokéball phone chargers. They also had hologram Pokéballs with etched Pokemon inside. So cute!

Here are some of the cute dresses from More Me Know. I kept seeing people walk by with that cute flowery TARDIS print, so when they told me the name of the retailer I had to go check them out.

And yes, I have a favorite tea spot at C2E2. I discovered Tea & Absinthe at Chicago Tardis a few years back. My son is addicted to their Hufflepuff tea, which is fruity, nutty, and even a little popcorn-y. We ran out a few months back, so I had to get a refill.

Oh, and a shout-out to my friend Shawn with the great beard from Shawnimals. He’s an old work friend, and I always buy some little ninjas or adorable pork dumplings from him when I stop by at C2E2. Our old crew was having a reunion Friday night and we couldn’t go because we were at C2E2, so we took this picture to send them.

While I was talking to Shawn, I met someone he knew. I had to take a picture because this is a brilliant idea and I would totally do it. You see that cookie Theodore is holding? It lists his favorite Doctors in order! And the three at the bottom are the names of his three favorite companions. (They are DN for Donna Noble, SJ for Sarah Jane, and K9 for, you know, the metal dog, in case you can’t read them.) Also, the cookie was delicious.

Here are my friends Melanie and Connor. Connor made that Cyberman head himself, and it’s being featured in a high school art show because it’s awesome.

Here’s me with my friend Pally, who spotted me randomly as he went by. I didn’t even know he was coming. Yay.

One of the people in our neighborhood. Specifically, the booth next door, Superhuman Streetwear by Volante Design, which was always full of people looking at really cool clothes. This coat’s design was apparently created for John Barrowman. Check out the mysteriously empty booth behind him. Who just doesn’t show up for C2E2? Over the course of the show people just started encroaching into the space and hanging out there.

Here’s the guy from the store across the aisle from us, serving up lovely jewelry and charm bracelets and such. I apologize because I’ve totally forgotten the name of the retailer, but that tree behind the guy is beautiful when lit up, and I am pretty sure I once bought a time-turner necklace here. Anyway, this dude was such a good dancer, I had to get a video before the show opened:

Here’s an image of the guys from Alien Entertainment, a local store in the western suburbs. I included them because I definitely spent most of my money here. Their booth was just a couple of booths away from ours — next to that empty booth where no one showed up, actually. Since the only other real convention I attend on an annual basis is Chicago Tardis, which they run, I stopped by quite often to say hello. And they took advantage by showing me all the things I needed to buy. Sometimes one of them would even come to the Extra Life booth and steer me back to the Alien Entertainment booth to buy more stuff. Needless to say, it worked. I mean, look at that cute Porg bag in the back there. I didn’t even get around to buying that one!

Here’s me on the other side of the Alien Entertainment booth with Winston the WWII Dalek. This was the second picture I took at C2E2, other than the big front banner.

Here are some other friends from Alien Entertainment/Chicago Tardis. I did actually go to the Doctor Who meetup on Sunday, and I met a Fourth Doctor who gave me a jelly baby (I love jelly babies).

I don’t generally take huge amounts of cosplay pictures unless they are really impressive. I’ve seen this guy before, but of course with Stan Lee’s passing it’s extra special this year.

Here’s one of my other favorite cosplays! I’ve seen her before at conventions, too, I think, but I love this inclusive interpretation.

Here’s my pal Todd as the Joker. We finally caught up at the very end of the show!

Loved this Maui from “Moana”!

This one’s not so much a costume, but I liked it. Can’t wait for “Avengers: Endgame” to come out!

Here is me getting as close as I could to David Tennant in the black shirt behind the table. Actually, I was trying to get a picture of Ming-Na Wen, who was sitting to the left of this picture, but she was so mobbed by the line I didn’t get much of a chance to see her. Then I look the other way and there’s the 10th Doctor! Oh well, if I can’t see Agent May I suppose a look at this guy isn’t so bad.

On the last day, my son and his dad showed up to go to David Tennant’s panel. They stole my C2E2 souvenir mug from Wild Bill’s Olde Fashioned Soda Pop Co. and did not return it in a timely fashion. So I have no picture, but I thought I should at least mention them since I count on the company’s artisanal sodas for hydration at C2E2 and Wizard World pretty much every year.

And speaking of stealing…apparently David Tennant was joking about his coffee drink during his panel — getting a sponsorship and all that because he liked it and was pushing it to an audience. So as the clean-up crew were taking it off the stage after the panel, my kid totally swiped it. Okay, actually the story he tells now is that he asked for it, and they gave it to him. In any case, he came running up to the Extra Life table and I literally have not seen my 13-year-old boy so excited about anything since he learned about the existence of deep-dish pizza. Anyway, he tasked me with keeping The Coffee Drink That Had Touched David Tennant’s Lips safe until he could go get his photo with the 10th Doctor. Here’s the proof he drank the coffee:

Here’s the coffee bottle in question, as snatched by my kid:

And here’s the picture my ex-husband paid for, with David Tennant holding the coffee in the middle of him and my son. (P.S. C2E2 tip – pay for the autograph and not the picture if you want more than 2.2 seconds of interaction with the stars).

And on that note, my 2019 experience with C2E2 ends – just in time for me to get ready for Star Wars Celebration, run by the same company (ReedPOP) at the same location. Can’t wait!

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