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The Wild at Heart Joins “Presented by Humble Bundle” at E3

Humble Bundle is happy to announce that “The Wild at Heart” from studio Moonlight Kids will be a part of the “Presented by Humble Bundle” label. “The Wild at Heart” will be featured at the Xbox Experience and open to the public from June 11th to June 13th to all E3 attendees.

Collect and deploy a swarm of friendly Spritelings; magical creatures ready to help you explore, gather, and craft your way to new items, upgrades, and structures. Combat the hostile wildlife and test your mettle against supernatural foes as you discover the secrets of the Deep Woods with your Spriteling pals and Wake’s trusty vacuum, the Gustbuster.

“The love and care Moonlight Kids is putting into The Wild at Heart, like its adorable cast, smile at you from first sight, and I smile right back,” confesses publishing manager John Polson. “Extremely colorful and wildly creative, The Wild at Heart sits among equally imaginative Humble published titles such as Forager, A Hat in Time, and the upcoming Mineko’s Night Market, and is destined to bring bundles of joy to our millions of players.”

The Wild at Heart will be available for purchase in the Humble Bundle Store soon. For now you can check it out here and add The Wild at Heart to your wish list!

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